Author: Hov8a


How can you be happy when you don’t have what you actually NEED right now ? By embracing & believing the fact that you are in a process of getting there & its just a phase. That’s how its supposed to be. This includes preparing & being ready for the thing to be able to […]

#ProductManagementProblem, My Portfolio of Thoughts on UX Problems, Suggestions, Improvements & More.

This write up is a 3rd in series of “Who am I?” You can find first write up here & second write up here. This #Portfolio with this unique #ProductManagementProblem on Twitter as collection of 106 pointers/thoughts till today on Digital Product’s UX, Features, Suggestions, Improvements is nothing but my humility for making a great […]

Solving the problem of scalability of products (Twitter, Theoretically)

What do people do with the product, matters more on the people than the makers of the product. But technically what all Product / Service makers give the to every enduser is always same.. In terms of: Design Features Platform usage rules May be a few things more.. If you get some ideas, please let […]