Election Season.. What it is like..!!

So as we see, the country has been divided into 3 parts these days,

1. Those who talk about the election/politics, Care about it and will vote..
2. Those who care about it and will vote..
3. And those who don’t care..

And this all includes many issues.

1. There are people who vote religiously with only reason that their parents used to vore for Party X.
2. There are people who vote to their known people/relatives only.
3. There are those who sell their vote.
4. And those who don’t vote.

Above 4 are all the same.

So, I am trying to find some analogies here..

If you don’t vote responsibly..

Its like You don’t know what Fundamental RIGHT and actually RIGHT Means.
Its like You don’t know what you are worth.
Its like You can’t stand for yourself.
Its like Not caring about the husband of your daughter is getting married.
Its like You don’t care about your kids, and their future and any upcoming responsibilities at you.

No, You aint a dude claiming/believing you are better, You are just An Ass.

And Not Voting For Aam Aadmi Party in Delhi is like..

Selling your only kidney for no reason when you could have both.
Its like always Living in the dirty basement of your own house where there is luxury on the ground floor.
Its like closing your eyes and behaving like there is nothing happing in the middle of the war.
Its like taking the way to hell, not realizing you will only be burnt alive.
Its like being ManMohan Singh.

And a similar hundred more analogies can come up from more productive minds.. I am leaving it right here. Do let me know your suggestions in comments if any.

Though, I believe this article won’t reach to those who need it most.

Startup lessons from the life of Mahtma Gandhi, Gandhigiri

Startup lessons from the life of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi
Why now, because I am doing startups now, because last year at this time, I was not exactly doing a startup, Because startup doers always learn from everything around, Because His life has got a lot to teach us, and Because his birthday this month reminded me of this compilation and I put it into todo list, which took long time to get done, so here it is:

1. Don’t just think about being Disruptive, do it Right from right now.
Yes, that much we know about him, he was Disruptive by birth, whatever you learn, implement and utilize it right now, (Obviously if you need it). In this era of apps and technology, when we work out anything thats even little useful, we try calling it disruptive.

2. Don’t rush for cash / investments. Most basic things that can change the world do not require cash. Just invest yourself at the fullest.
You see, he lived a cashless life and still he is there on the currency. There was not just vision behind everything he wanted to do, but also their was the real requirement to do those things.

3. Aim for adding values to your product, most are just building apps and webpages.
We know his stories from the day of his school which were about values and lessons learnt right there. As far as values as concerned, Your values of life have to be revealed in your products.

4. And Finally utilize your fan following and connections for useful tasks.
Yes he had some great fan following which he utilized in best possible methods. This fan following didn’t came from nowhere, he worked hard to stick to his values so people could understand the worth of these values, follow him and expected a lot out of him.

5. Travel as much as you can.
This might be a complex point to understand but it definitely helps one to understand the problems around, and eventually come up with solutions for them. And best thing is walking for thinking.

Also, I read an article at Product Nation whose events I always missed yet.. here http://productnation.in/gandhigiri-to-the-software-and-technology-entrepreneur/ Its kind of a right thought when we talk about a nation having boundries, situation is basically the same as it was when Mr Gandhi was fighting for the nation and today. We have nothing but great resources and we have put them to be used by those who obviously care about themselves. They build products with these resources and sell them back to us.

To exactly guess what HE would have done in this era: I am too small for this but I can try, Do let me know if you think you would like to add or edit something in comments or tweet me @harry_inaction.

May be he would have first focused on the basics again rather then technology:
1. When there are people dying for food, having sessions for best dishes can not be the best part of the society.
2. When there are problems with basics of life, the luxury can not be awarded.
3. Finally, a revolution to make people realize the value of values and rebooting humanity itself because people don’t know the real problem to be solved.

Its not like there was not luxury in his those times but there were bigger problems. Again I may be too small to guess how Mr Gandhi would have reacted in these times but simply putting his basic methodologies, I believe Human Values in real life would have been the focus which are worst today and most important to take care of most the things.

No, I’ve not studied his biographies, I am nobody, I don’t know about Mr Gandhi too much. Chapter closed, back to basics.

Moving out of traffic.

This article is about what to do what not to do in traffic, specially when there are no lanes.

Technically I am NOT writting anything new, nothing fancy, nothing out of the box but just trying to spread simple common sense around the topic “Moving out of the traffic”.

Here are the scenarios, what happens when you are stuck in a traffic jam.
1. You may be driving.
2. You may sitting a vehicle which somebody else is driving.
3. You may be looking for a vehicle to get on.

In all the cases, I am considering that road is 1 way, and their is no traffic police man to help it out because 2 way is usually easy to understand and resolve, though some cases are here which can be applied to both.

In all of the cases, there are again following 2 scenarios.
1. You may be in ultimate emergency, like a point of somebody’s life/death, a flight or train is going or
2. Its just another day.

In case one, Exactly I cant tell you, what you should be doing, but all I can say is that.. Try to stay calm and remember that somebody else also can be in same situation so atleast dont kill someone.

In case 2, this article is all about that.

When you are driving.. You don’t have to be the reason for the traffic jam.
1. By not moving out of the lane, though lane may not exist then you got to imagine that there is a lane and obviously there will be traffic will be coming from other side too.
2. You got to try that someone else don’t break that imaginary lane by not allowing them to, may be by taking little more space then you require like having your vehicle tilted or just verbally resisting if you find someone.

When you are sitting in a vehicle and when you are looking for a vehicle, most probably these are the similar situations i.e you’ve got one thing to care about extra is what is the point and reason of this traffic and how soon it can get resolved. That’s where you, your generosity, leadership, sense of confidence and probably many other things will be tested. How..

1. If you think this traffic should be resolved quickly, get out of your conform zone and try to reach out to the place where the problem is.

2. Then resolving this problem is usually another one of the most tedious tasks.. You got to take care of many things simultaneously, basically..

a. To not to allow more vehicles to add to the reason behind this jam.

b. And breaking the deadlock that too calmly where every one is there to move forward, you got to make someone move little bit backward.

c. Breaking this deadlock might also require you to push some large vehicles which might have crashed, and where you would need public support to get this done.

Though I tried not to miss, May be there are some cases I’ve missed. Nobody may reach here searching for this kind of content. I know it may not reach to the one who exactly needs it but this the place I can publish this.

Enjoy the traffic around.

Problem, Just A state of Mind

I don’t know about Rahul’s thought about poverty, but “A PROBLEM” is definitely a state of mind.

A few of the thoughts that I’ve analyzed.

Reading a few articles on criminal psychology, life just seams like impossible. Hundreds of thousands of types of crimes and criminal minds. Each moment there is a lot of shit happening around. At a moment, it seams like a profitable situation and actual realization may happen too late. Though Scam and conspiracy seams much related to politics and business but its everywhere. From criminal mind, there are different problems to be dealt a different way.

Getting a sneak preview of medical world, its all organisms and the disease. From evolution to extinction, from births to deaths and nano seconds to decades of time intervals.. life is all that happens with biology. Risks of eating something that is unhealthy to not even eating anything for a life time to not being able to eat. So, medically problems are different and may be there will be an army of dead walking around sometime in future.

Taking a dip into philosophy, thoughts are enough to make a living, winning loosing and survival. Thoughts are enough to take on any situation from a problematic view to a funny view. Turning a situation from useful to useless, only a state of mind is enough to make it or break it or to make it large.

Having spent some time with spiritual minds, its all a state of purity and thoughtfulness.

For Gamers, problem is just to play that particular game perfectly and the one next to it.

Being into Entrepreneurship, its all startups, issues, products and a different set of problems.

And same is with every other possible section of life, problem is a just state of mind which may or may not make looking for solution, easier.

Problem (State of mind) is not more then a thought. It can take you from penny less to rich worthy. While being in any worst situation.. still it can give you a feeling of richness but real problem defining the real problem. Because, you will have to encounter more then one at the same time and then its all a different game of problems.

Actually this topic is for a complete book, may be someday I will focus onto that.

Now I literally hate so called celebs.. after #satyagrah

Though, I’ve been watching flicks since childhood where a policeman, a common man, a reporter, who tried to teach the whole generation and drive the nation to change the system. And all with so called celebs Amitabh, Shahrukh, Salman, Aamir AnilKapoor but in the end it was for cash.. right ?

After Satyagrah, I heard, they do it to inspire the youth, (I haven’t watched it yet, nor am going to)

BC.. where the hell were they when this youth was on the ground,

Yes, I only remember the last movement with anna, none before that but I was there, though for only one day.. but I was there. The flick is a flick, right.. for them a 5* hotel bill paying scheme and for those who pay them an entertainment part.

Or Do I hate those who make big bank balances from such things, then may be I do, because those who have it when someone else needs it is just another side of the same coin which comes out in stories like these. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zell_Kravinsky literraly you don’t need two kidneys when there may be someone else dying to need it or you don’t need to die with those 2 eyes and burn them when there is someone who could watch atleast his loved ones around him.

I admit that acting is a tough job, a movie is a big project that has to be executed with perfection to make it perfect but call it pure business then.