About me..!!

I (Hari Om Vashishtha) first did an experiment with this domain name (NothingElseMatterz) in 2010. That ran for 3 months. 2nd Experiment was done in 2012 & ran for almomst 1 year. Then I converted it to my blog. But the experiments are still on.

Currently am building ZipGrid.com as a PM & also trying to see if there is a thing possible in the name “Product Management Freelancing”, firstly by getting PM freelancers from the industry.

I wrote about myself once, though it seems incomplete since the important story between 2012 & 2015 is not there but you’ll get the broad idea.

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Its posted on Medium because, when I was writing it, my blog was down since almost 4yrs.

Hope, I’ll be able to write the story of 2012-2015 someday.

2012-2015, I did experimentation on my ideas. That probably defines me as Entrepreneurial. I made mistakes, I wasn’t aggressive. I wasn’t patient. I still have a bag of Ideas with me. Like a writer with stories. Now in 2018, something strikes me, lets call it self doubt.

If I am really a founder material that can create a useful valuable Product worth billion dollars or I can simply do the shuffling between ideas & probably #Product #Management is the best thing I can do, opportunity of which I got to do now ?

Well, only time will tell. Lets Just Keep Improving. What did I learn in all that jazz: Aggression & Patience both are necessary at the same time to build something useful.

Question to self for 2021: What did you learn in last 3 yrs?

I am learning, Let me update this sometime soon.

I am at Twitter.com/hov8a & Linkedin.com/hov8a