And finally am starting again..

Actually Its already been a long time since it started.

Back in days of 2010 when I registered this domain, though that time i didn’t even have a little idea what I was gonna do with it.. Since then I’ve tried a lot many things with it..

I don’t find a single reason NOT to do what you like.
Just to avoid the feel of regret that most people have like “i always wanted to do SOMETHING..”

Its been a long time almost around 4 years since I’ve been reading just like in the story “THE BET”.. which included Information Security, Start Ups, Entrepreneurship, Physics, Life styles, Politics as some of them..

Now, I am feeling like writing.. don’t know what, but I’ll be writing.. may be my own definitions of things around, some analysis conclusions, or critic views because I can always find weakness in things..

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