And I came out overloaded.. from the #swdel…

#swdel.. the perfect thing when and where you may need it.. well, only for startups minds..

And as I am soon going to complete my first year of startup journey,

I can say the journey is just like Mr Columbus Might have done some day or any other lone traveler does these days.. #adventure

Though this first year was almost went looking at the things around, in a broad sense it was analysis and now, I have lots of things to be done, just that a team in each case is required to get the model to its shape and get it started.

I am all set to do startups, yeah not just one, when I can have a lot many, why one.

Damn the platform has got unlimited possibilities, really the NEXT BIG THING can be ready to get started within a short weekend. Even my own thought wasn’t pitched well, as I couldn’t make them understand what was the core in just ONE minute, I already made up my mind to work with any of the ideas and plan just around that for the next 54 hours.

And in the end we built, which was quite similar to TagTile, which is now owned by facebook.

Though my team mates at the event were little clumsy and stubborn which might have been the reason that we were not at the top even when the model was 101% proven, I learned to develop my first hello world android app and spent the awesome time of my life, more then 43 hrs of continuous non-sleep were like just one day.

In the end, having a model which is aimed at ultimate class of smart phones which are quite rare to find in India, getting started and time investment would be little dangerous with atleast no cash in hand. I still have got a lot to do, I’ll talk about it later..

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