Lets try it again shoudy..

Well, keeping the overview of the notes aside for some time again, am logging the Startup Weekend Pitch day fun again..

The first was back in dec 2011 when this domain was solely being utilized for the model of my previous startup which was actually never logged in history .. 😛 my bad..

This day is going to be more fun as the focus is mobile this time, which ultimately has be the basic need. May be you can survive without it for some time but in future you’ll hold it like your breath having access to whole the world with mobile itself.

Start-ups needed to focus some day on mobile which is being done now. May be we are gonna be up all night, so I should rush..

That notes overview is being postponed because am a developer.. hehe yeah, the obvious reason, we do not have life, we just code, reading Mr Peter Thiels notes is a real big deal but I’ll complete them some day for sure.. Luckily I was one of them who could download that which was there after withdrawn from public access, so obviously can’t be reproduced without permission which I don’t have.

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