The year that counts..!!

Though empty still have a lot I earned in last a year of journey in trying to create something out of myself..

🙂 To list out, I tried 3 things and none actually worked, yes you may call it FAILURE, I would call it serious learning of obvious things, but as obvious is really not that obvious, it sometimes needs to be learnt, remember I won’t try to teach anything, I would only explain my experiences..

The 1st experiment was back in 2010 when I brought this domain at the time when the rupee symbol was just announced, I tried putting all the things together, even did but couldn’t direct traffic to this domain for that investment.

THIS is the day when I decided to work upon my 2nd experiment with the name Nothing Else Matterz, which is now this blog in my name. I was trying to build a platform for for passion, in collaboration with local businesses which help full filling that passion of people. The guy (Vishwadeep Gahlot) who induced in me that we too can have something of ourselves in the end went for a govt job, but I won’t blame him as during this experimentation, you keep at stake your support to your family which he didn’t have. Thanks to him, I am now completely into experimentation, because my graduation had none who talked about startups, entrepreneurship and passion, so that was a bad time. I remember Mrs Kavita shouting at me when I was trying to learn more then expected sshhh..

Some of obvious things I learnt are as follows..

1. Obvious that one should FOCUS, which is the toughest part.

2. Believe in what you are doing but don’t be stubborn if somebody tells you if you are going in a trap.

3. Find people people who believes in your ideas or else you’ll break , doesn’t matter only if you are going for some kind of life time experiment like in case of scientific experiments..

4. Your optimism should have limits.

And this was nothing but obvious part of life in any case as per me. For a business point of mind, there are hundreds of obvious things, he should know before he should even think of getting started..

So, obvious I find on a quick note may be :

1. The thing you are working on should be meaningful to someone out there who will pay you for your time investment.

2. You should find passion in doing that, don’t force yourself.

But I failed 3 times due to various other reasons..

1. Never had a team to work with, in two of the cases.

2. Thoughts were not clear for the target and

3. Worst of all, the leader I was supporting quit to take it forward. (due to various reasons..)

Enough of A, B, C jargon, I am here with all the energy to take myself forward with various other things, EXPERIMENTS..

Because sometimes experimentation is all the matterz atleast in college days and little more time after that else I would consider myself a loser. As I am already doing that, so Nothing Else Matterz..

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