We do have a choice.. & we are still making the same mistake..

Reading the post HERE, gives a general overview of the situation, the bitter truth of society

And the post HERE tells you, WHY INDIA RAPES.

But as per me the biggest problem is we are still considering the same so called leaders to again lead some better way, which is the biggest mistake.. we have better choices..

As they could never, they never wanted to, they will not.

Changing the male mentality is one thing..

but if even a single journalist OR politics student, possibly female stands with a thought to lead for a change, yes I mean POLITICS.. she will be supported whole heartedly.. by the most who want a change..

why these particular, because, they would know more then any other ones.

Not completely, because we know, those exist who support current leaders and obviously those with shitty mindset..

I won’t get votes is a common thought.. , even I think so, but in this situation, its less likely.. for the ones who really felt.

May be the same thoughts are going in such young journalist/political mind already to start with, actually this is supposed to be there thought, Juts that it came out of me, is demand of the time. I might had felt more and might had better thoughts and solution if ever I had been in a relationship thats why this post seams incomplete to me.

BTW, I think, if it is not going on in someone’s mind, I should get out to encourage someone out there for the same. Lets see, how it goes..

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