Inception of day one.. 2013

I know, its just a psychological factor only, when people celebrate a new year.. and not a new day, week and actually never a month. But this is it. I’ve seen, those in day jobs, celebrate the weekends..

That reminds me of a statement that “Working with idiots may kill you..” .. whatever..

Those secret new year resolutions have been automatically full filling and that horoscope thing have always been magically saying truth but as you know, they are never specific.So, doesn’t matter.

But I’ve seen, luck favors me. May be just because, I keep on trying it again and again.. and hence I will continue with the same theory.

This year, as I am starting up with one thing in mind.. on the way, where Sukhi will be missed who could share the joy.. but it doesn’t kills me, so may be it makes me stronger. not as much expected.

This year has got a lot to reveal, as lots of cards are yet to be flipped. Journey seams beginning again.. and I am packed.