To Salute Entrepreneurs and specially Swype

Am writing this post specially to salute this app Swype from, am amazed to see what it can do like literally I don’t need to type anything on my phone, the fact is am writing this post just by using this awesome app.. just swiping around

My level of excitement is such that I tell everyone I come across.

Knowing the fact that things do happen first time in life but still am amazed by this wonder.

Salute to the one who first thought about it and to the team which created it.

Adding to that, I expect something like that for desktop computers and may be this app creators should only do that as they invented this thing, patented because some one else reinventing the wheel would not be a good idea.

This is what excites me about the power of entrepreneurship and it’s limits which do not exist.

And that when am launching the quotes Platform, makes me recall following Quotes:

Not taking a risk is the biggest risk

Life is just about taking risks

Don’t care about everything around you, you can’t.

If you can find a single thing that is being done wrongly and a solution to that at its core, you can make it large.

If you are not a millionaire by the age of 40, most probably you have been making mistakes whole life wrong way.

Best way to maximize your chances of success is make more mistakes. So if you fail 9 times in 10 trials, try to fail 100 times so you may succeed 10 times.

Or as they call it “Fail fast”

And there are unlimited Quotes like that hand crafted by some amazing people at TheWittyShit everyday alot New and Originals.

Though Quotes do not tell the real story of everyone but the one who ever wrote an original quote, is the actual legend.

That’s what we are planning to highlight on this platform.

Because Those who Do should be Appreciated.

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