Problem, Just A state of Mind

I don’t know about Rahul’s thought about poverty, but “A PROBLEM” is definitely a state of mind.

A few of the thoughts that I’ve analyzed.

Reading a few articles on criminal psychology, life just seams like impossible. Hundreds of thousands of types of crimes and criminal minds. Each moment there is a lot of shit happening around. At a moment, it seams like a profitable situation and actual realization may happen too late. Though Scam and conspiracy seams much related to politics and business but its everywhere. From criminal mind, there are different problems to be dealt a different way.

Getting a sneak preview of medical world, its all organisms and the disease. From evolution to extinction, from births to deaths and nano seconds to decades of time intervals.. life is all that happens with biology. Risks of eating something that is unhealthy to not even eating anything for a life time to not being able to eat. So, medically problems are different and may be there will be an army of dead walking around sometime in future.

Taking a dip into philosophy, thoughts are enough to make a living, winning loosing and survival. Thoughts are enough to take on any situation from a problematic view to a funny view. Turning a situation from useful to useless, only a state of mind is enough to make it or break it or to make it large.

Having spent some time with spiritual minds, its all a state of purity and thoughtfulness.

For Gamers, problem is just to play that particular game perfectly and the one next to it.

Being into Entrepreneurship, its all startups, issues, products and a different set of problems.

And same is with every other possible section of life, problem is a just state of mind which may or may not make looking for solution, easier.

Problem (State of mind) is not more then a thought. It can take you from penny less to rich worthy. While being in any worst situation.. still it can give you a feeling of richness but real problem defining the real problem. Because, you will have to encounter more then one at the same time and then its all a different game of problems.

Actually this topic is for a complete book, may be someday I will focus onto that.

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