So as we see, the country has been divided into 3 parts these days,

1. Those who talk about the election/politics, Care about it and will vote..
2. Those who care about it and will vote..
3. And those who don’t care..

And this all includes many issues.

1. There are people who vote religiously with only reason that their parents used to vore for Party X.
2. There are people who vote to their known people/relatives only.
3. There are those who sell their vote.
4. And those who don’t vote.

Above 4 are all the same.

So, I am trying to find some analogies here..

If you don’t vote responsibly..

Its like You don’t know what Fundamental RIGHT and actually RIGHT Means.
Its like You don’t know what you are worth.
Its like You can’t stand for yourself.
Its like Not caring about the husband of your daughter is getting married.
Its like You don’t care about your kids, and their future and any upcoming responsibilities at you.

No, You aint a dude claiming/believing you are better, You are just An Ass.

And Not Voting For Aam Aadmi Party in Delhi is like..

Selling your only kidney for no reason when you could have both.
Its like always Living in the dirty basement of your own house where there is luxury on the ground floor.
Its like closing your eyes and behaving like there is nothing happing in the middle of the war.
Its like taking the way to hell, not realizing you will only be burnt alive.
Its like being ManMohan Singh.

And a similar hundred more analogies can come up from more productive minds.. I am leaving it right here. Do let me know your suggestions in comments if any.

Though, I believe this article won’t reach to those who need it most.

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