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The Country is still not prepared for technology startups, as the ground reality is far from the one being projected.

The billionaires see the billionaires around, the poor and the middle class see all of them.

There is too much focus on apps, revenues and lot other useless things. To take the focus back to basics, the whole the philosophy has to be changed from anything to something like.. “Market is India & we are not the people whom you can sell a lot of things and luxury yet.”

But they say it like.. “Don’t build something till someone is not ready to pay you for it”.

Yes, this is a fault of those Incubators. May be Peter Thiel’s Philosophy is needed though little broadened. Those who don’t know this philosophy.. its like this.. “Its believed that if you take a different path other then the traditional path, You are taking the risk but actually its other way round. If you take the traditional path, you are going to end up just like others do.. and hence not going to win, definitely .. so traditional path is riskier and hence you should be taking any other path other then the traditional one.”

And yes the complete change in philosophy is possible taking Aam Aadmi Party as an idol startup, yes it is an India Focused Startup.

I do not mean to enter the politics, no.. but connecting to the ground reality is required. Its not happening.

@Product_nation seem like doing a good job but if you can find the stats, its bad.

Well, I don’t know what how and where.. But I know why, rest has to be figured out.

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