This is the 2nd installment of series “Who Am I ?

What was the last skill you learnt.. ??
(But only that skill you’d ALWAYS BE happy about..!!)
What’s that You’re planning to learn next. When?
What are you forcing yourself to do these days ? Hope, nothing.

Hope, you don’t believe, without learning you’ll be able to stay relevant in the market in near future let alone be happy, The skills can be as simple as just being cool in times of pressure, accepting your failures, forgiving others OR throwing a paper ball in a 10ft far cup. As tough as learning to code, OR being punctual. Remember, the things that are difficult are probably important & useful.

Well, I am learning 2 skills these days (1. Philosophy, 2. Product Management). One I am going to learn (Piano). You may have 1/3/4/5/6.. Please create a list.

1. I think am learning philosophy everyday.. (Also, open for Criticism).
The right question is, how do I know, am learning philosophy everyday?

Philosophy of Existentialism says: Ideally in no case, you should be thinking.. What others are thinking about you..!! Well, I think, I don’t care what you think.
Let me tell you, I am using this right now and am not thinking about what you are thinking what I am thinking because I am thinking only about what I am thinking because I am writing what I am thinking & am also focusing on what I am thinking. Am I doing two things at the same time.. Writing & Thinking? Oh, no.. Humans are not capable of consciously executing true multitasking i.e. doing 2 things exactly parallel to the dimension of time. When they do, they do other one sub-consciously. Is that a #Paradox ? Wait, Can there be an infinite loop of “Writing” & “Thinking”. (Yeah, I do too that, sometimes)

2. I think, I’m learning Problem Solving as a Product Manager (Philosophical) keeping the End User in the center of the product/solution. How do I know, if I am learning? Well, only time will tell.

3. Let me announce, what I am going to learn next.. Piano. See, I was searching for what to learn, since over last one month. Since I think, I had some time on my hands these days & I am kind of in a happy mood. Happy & thankful about everything I have. I tried forcing myself to learn to code very many times, but Nope, It wasn’t happening.  (This is just to try to inspire myself to learn it)

Why piano only, why not any other instrument? Well, Not sure.  But I believe, learning to play a musical instrument is a good way to evolve. It teaches a lot more then music. More on it later, I’ll update here.

Because #GoalsOfLife are Simple.
“Buzurgon ne, farmaya ki pairon pe apne khade hoke dikhlaao”
Translation “The Elders have said, In case you learn to stand on your own.. You’ll own the world”

I believe in “Rational Optimism” & “Justified Chaos” . I am proud of myself. This article seems incomplete , So I’m working on Part 3 & May be 4 too.

If you read it in 2025, & please remind me personally.

PS: I am writing my state of mind & I am trying to inspire myself. If you are offended, am sorry but no sorry. If you like it & find it inspiring, happy that I could help.

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