How many People Aka Humans aka Teachers you remember who taught you something / anything ?

Here is my list in reverse chronological order:


Arpit Aggarwal (currently BlumeVentures), Sunil Khushwaha(I don’t really know what he does), Yogesh¬†(currently Saavyrelations) for everyday mentoring.

Mrs Pooja, B.E. 2006
Taught me the basics of logics of c programming.

Mr Anil, Class 11th in 2004
Taught me the basics of logics of mathematics. Last met him in 2012, I guess.

Mr Prasoon, Class 8th 2002
Taught me basics of logics of science.
May be he doesn’t even remember me, & couldn’t find him ever in social network era.

& my parents in the beginning of the time.

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