Your perspective is not the only possibility of the world out there. This happened in 2016.

The HR in my then organization of approx 200 people believed that I was a chain smoker.

I used to bring candies everytime I went out and share with the team. The HR actually believed that, I brought candies because I used to go for smoke break & the change coins left from the purchase of Cigarette was consolidated in terms of candies.

Her Perspective: I was a serious chain smoker because my face looked like those chain smokers with sunken cheeks & the candies worked like a proof to her perspective.

Reality: My face design (weird as per most people around) is a result of possibly most severe pimples & may be some other biological factors too.

Lesson for me: Its okay to have a perspective of the situation but Believing in your perspective is a the worst mistake we make everyday. Lets be more open to know, feel & conversations then being judgemental.

I am trying to design a social experiment on the lines of habits of judging people around. I’ll update it here if & when am done with that.

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