A Simple Questionnaire to find out if you are happy. Don’t ask me, why do you need to find out, if are are happy OR not. You read the title and went ahead. Yeah, sorry I couldn’t find a better title for this write up.

Lets plot the numbers in the answers to following questions in a simple graph. How many times:

  1. People feel & specifically ask you.. Why are you so happy?
  2. People feel & say, you are good at this ?
  3. You appreciate people around you?
  4. People see you dancing on your own tunes ?
  5. Happy moments are there in your everyday life ?

I am assuming:

  1. You are happy & you feel so happy that people around you notice the same.
    I am assuming, you are good at something and you are happy about this.
  2. You actually see some happy people around you.
  3. You realize that some people are good at some things & they feel happy about it.

In the mean time:

  1. Ofcourse There can be some, who say.. you are doing x thing wrong, and need to change because someone doesn’t like it.
  2. Ofcourse, There can be some whom you don’t like, because you are not a super human.

Now, these were all positive questions..!! Let me just ask one negative question..!!
How many sad moments are there in your everyday life?

Now, plot the number of these positives and negatives on a graph and see where it is going.
Upward /Downward ?

Are you happy looking at the results?
May be you need to go back to “Basics of Happiness”..!!


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