People share gifs in conversations because they convey messages.

Though I dont know, who creates them but if the gif messages help to convey a message.. Would a video message (with similar size (less than 1000kb) i.e. easy to load and share in conversations).. Be more helpful in conveying a message more beautifully.

Now, the idea is to make :

1. A collection of Millions of video messages using AI.
2. Provide API service at minimal charges top developers to name apps on the top of that collection. OR
3. Probably also have our own app which users can use to share in other apps OR / also
4. Partner with market leaders to avail your collection of video messages..
5. Leaders whose services are used by twitter, whatsapp, not sure if facebook has also partnered with someone.

You’d ask, why it doesn’t exist in the market yet. There are many reasons..

1. Possibly Nobody tried it before, simple but big big possibility.
2. World wasn’t ready for such a product.
3. Making such content in excess of a tough job.
4. Bluetooth earphones/headphones weren’t available to masses.
5. Probably those Bluetooth things are still not available their reach has increased.
6. Now we have better AI and systems to make such content automatically..

Just my reasons to believe its a great business opportunity

Makes sense, do tell me your views on the same?

#ProductManagementProblem as a #StartupIdea.

That’s a keyword I use on twitter to collect my ideas.

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