What Do You Understand By Frequency of Life ?

In Addition to the basic thought of frequency of lifestyle.. given below which I wrote 56 days ago, published almost at the same time of starting this one, I am trying to extend the same in this write up:

There is a lot in commonality in following:

  1. Life
  2. Focus
  3. Music
  4. Success
  5. Punctuality

Let me describe them, in reverse order:

  • Punctuality: Simply put, its the repetition of something (which helps if also called as a habit) repeated at certain intervals.. which is known as frequency of repetition. Importance & Benefits of Punctuality? Internet is full of them.
  • Success: Since each one of us have very different definition of success, I’ll be specific. For Any Task, ultimate agenda is bit of happiness, mostly unknowingly.
    • The bigger the task is, the more effort it requires which may extend to 10s of months or even yrs too. In case the duration is over a couple of months, a repetitive action is required which again boils down to frequency of repetition of required task. It may be as simple as persistence which is not as simple as I wrote it there. Yrs of persistence is almost a lifetime & the wavelength carrying those frequencies require a different level of energy which ofcourse, everyone can’t embrace.
      Even for quick tasks, the frequencies of possibilities of other things around have to align just exactly as per the requirement. For example, Apple doesn’t always fall on the head of Newton.
  • Music: Its simply complex combination of rhythms that sometimes align with the expectations of some of the humans, and sometimes don’t. Technically any combination of sound waves is just another combination of frequencies but we call it music when we like it.
  • Focus: Let me me again very specific. While I am trying to focus on writing this blog, frequencies of all (most) of my thoughts are aligned to:
    • write this blog
    • and write in as much depth as possible.and in as much structured way as possible.While some of my thoughts are also unaligned to writing this due to disturbances around OR I can say, I am not focused 100% on writing only. Basically, most of my frequencies are aligned and some of them are not. Sometimes when I am trying to meditate, I am aligned to what I am focusing on, and mostly I am not aligned.Simple basic frequencies, but alignment of a lot of types of frequencies is required to make a simple thing like water in a small pan to be boiled from freezing temperatures to evaporate and mix with atmosphere. Its just that the rest of the universe is aligned but not really related to this simple thing.
  • Life: I am not qualified enough to describe this but let me try. For most of us, life just happens. But from the billions of us, a few thousands of us Do Not wake up the next day to see the sun. For them, life doesn’t happen like for the rest of us. There is a lot, that has to align in sync to make life happen and keep on happening.

All Those Things Have Got To Have Some Alignment To Make Them Happen.. That’s probably called some kind of Synchronous Frequencies.

Broadly Basically its just #Frequency. Its frequency that defines if any of these things lead to good results. The Frequency here is NOT simple literal mathematics.

These are little complex frequencies thing that probably we can’t put in terms of equations or numbers or for that matter.. even in any human understandable form of equation.

Its mostly un-understandable because:

  1. Most of them are invisible.. even if they are right in front of you.
  2. Even if you try to focus on some of those you can watch/listen/feel, you cannot focus on all of them at once. You cannot even figure out how many of them are their around you.

Now, I’ll not even try to define and describe those complex things but ofcourse there are still possibilities that we can still use them. Because ofcourse, its not like anyone who is good at any of those 5 things i.e. Life, Music, Considered successful OR is punctual Or can focus, has ofcourse done it without understanding EVERY FREQUENCY around them.

The method is simple: They aligned themselves to some of the frequencies around them & atleast kept the frequencies same or possibly kept on increasing frequencies.

There are various types of them:

  1. Positive.
  2. Negative.
  3. Flat.
  4. Rising up.
  5. Going down.
  6. Transparent.
  7. Translucent.
  8. Within human understandable limits.
  9. Beyond human understandable limits.
  10. Likable
  11. Unlikable.
  12. & a lot many that I can’t even list out right now.
  13. Also all the possible permutations & combinations of above written & unwritten ones.

And since every human perceives everything differently, the types of frequencies leads to possibly thousands.

Some of the frequencies align with each other and some of them do not. Those which align we find them soothing with positive impact. Those which do not align we find them negative. I am not saying I have the solution to most of the problems out there. But certainly understanding them is going to be helpful and take a step towards solving some of them.. Probably.

After all, its all just science. For example,  Doesn’t matter if you understand laws of physics but you can certainly live life better, solve lots of problems, make lots of tools if you understand the laws of physics like shooting the rockets in the sky.

But beware, even today.. science can’t explain everything. So don’t believe, everything science says.

Frequencies.. have waves going up and down.. and up and down.. & repeat. Which also means if you do not want to be disturbed, you can swiftly glide through them only if they understand them.

Disclaimer: Writer (Hari Om, I) am not an expert in anything. These are my own basic thoughts & should be used as per readers own discretion.






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