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This write up is a 3rd in series of “Who am I?” You can find first write up here & second write up here.

This #Portfolio with this unique #ProductManagementProblem on Twitter as collection of 106 pointers/thoughts till today on Digital Product’s UX, Features, Suggestions, Improvements is nothing but my humility for making a great product as a Product Manager with some technology Startup.

Not sure, if most of you would even consider this so called portfolio thing as a real Portfolio but this is what it is. The portfolio creation journey started back in Feb 2018, but the Idea was planted in my head much before that. I guess it happened after a call with Sir Alok Kejriwal. Never met him, yet.

Why do I consider it as my Portfolio:

Ofcourse, I am a beginner but who is the expert on unknown things?
Ofcourse, some of my ideas might be foolish. I am improving.
01 wasn’t even mine, 02 was just a bug.
Then there begun the era of mostly asking #Questions.

Why do I ask questions? Asking right questions helps me:

Ofcourse, there is a lot I don’t know but ofcourse, there may be things that are even missed by the product managers at market leading platforms.. I am saying, “May Be” though.

My funda for learning is, TRY to find an error in the thing you are learning. If there is an error, you are lucky, else you’ll learn the same & you’ll learn it in such a depth/way that you’ll never forget the same.

You’d say, the so called portfolio only contain thoughts? Yes, this is one weak point. Although I tried doing twitter surveying on my own account but due to scarcity of followers, I don’t get responses. This was twitter life. In real life, I haven’t found a serious thing to work on, to dream about all day. Did I tell you, I started this habit only last year, same time.

The Product Management industry is still in its nascent bootstrap mode. Beginners are not even able to find mentors. I try to guide some of the very beginners the most intellectual way I can. By asking them the right questions. Some Smart Asses have started Certifications programs of Lacs and nobody weighs a certification for worth a penny in the market. I can say that with confidence because no job role ever said, people with XYZ certification would be preferred. Yeah they still say, an MBA is preferred.. sick people. On Similar lines, Cohort.com is emerging as a nice PM & Data Science Community.

Who am I? After almost 7yrs in the industry, I call myself a beginner PM with almost 4yrs relevant exp. where 3.5yrs of it is as a failed founder where I was experimenting with ideas, made mistakes & learnt the basics. (Yes, I lived a broke life from 2012-2015 & half.)

Good basics are important, right ?

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