The way you (I) lived last 10 years of your (my) life is most probably the way you are (I am) going to live next 10 years of your (my) life.

The basis of these thoughts is..


Okay, lets go deeper, I completed 20yrs.. Since the beginning of the time I probably remember events my life.

Or I think I remember the ones I like to remember, The fun ones.

30yrs in biological age.

Some a salesman of some weight loss medicine told me my body age as 30.(probably unconnected fact)

Waking up early, a thing I’ve done little often done in my life (probably unconnected fact)

I recently completed 10yrs & 2 months in the industry, Whoaa thats too much. One thing, I never stopped doing is.. #Improvising

Paralely I also didn’t focus on one thing for long enough, which I believe was the biggest thing that added most value in making the journey, a fun journey, else things went boring sometimes.

I would need to write (think) about it more.. Sometime..

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