Technology for the laggards?



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Why would you design for the laggards?

  • I’d say, the laggards are still struggling for using basic everyday technology.
  • We have the power to do the same.
  • We have the responsibility to do the same.
  • We understand technology
  • We understand laggards, only to some extent though, its like saying we exactly understand
    • What our elders need?
    • What they mean when they say something
      • Every time
      • All the time
    • What their problems are ?
    • What they feel?
    • But sometime they also don’t know, what they need. Sometimes we push them into something that they don’t want but that’s a thought for some other day.
  • We understand what is technology design, again this is our assumption to a great extent but again our definitions are changing everyday with new learnings and unlearnings.
  • We understand what is systems thinking, to some extent.
  • DO we understand, how to design systems ? May be, when we know when we want out of the system, exactly.

So, what exactly we want from the systems.

Everyone want something else and everyone has different definition of every word.

How much we can generalize and synthesize, understand, articulate and use is all that matterz.

I’d say, at the end of the day, efficiency and the fun is all that matterz.

Behearhall, we will design payments systems and some other everyday things, possibly for the laggards also while we build for the next billions, hopping we will survive #Covid.

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