Analysis of Journey & Journey of Analysis

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Agenda is to be able to find the balance that’s most suitable and doesn’t hurt.

I thought, I knew, how to set the expectations right. But last few months has been overwhelmingly beyond expectations.

As a beginner entrepreneur from 2012 to 2015, I was expected to fail. Of course, I made silly mistakes back then which I would never repeat if I have to start up.

Which one specifically? Defining the problem and goals, specifically, in depth. I thought I know what I was trying to build, but may be, I never knew what I had signed up for, in the hindsight. Not saying, something scared me, but may be the intensity that was required was missing OR may be a lot of the parts of the puzzles were missing. #CausalReductionism.

Just thinking about the learnings there, not regrets. I am proud of myself for doing that.

From recent conversation with the authentic people who made an positive impact, I am convinced that I need to go deeper & I should be able to judge myself as in where do I stand.

Deep, Enough to be able to carve out a niche. And by god, the depth is the only thing that makes things interesting. Not only theoretically, because implementation is all that matters. I hope, idealism is a thing though, because when people are under pressure, the idealism is the first thing that goes into dustbin. I just believe so but I may not be able to debate that . What is that we care about is all that matterz. And I believe in idealism, either care a lot or don’t. Care for it like my life depends upon it. If I don’t keep asking the questions, I seem to be accepting the default which is not acceptable. At this turn of life where, a lot of things depend upon me, I need to be able to care about few things well and not more things badly.

Being able to judge myself sounds like a complex topic because I may have blind spots or biases. Not an excuse, but I would like to judge myself from ideal theories/possibilities , if that’s what is called Idealism. Because, there is always space for improvement. I’ll start from A, B and C. I hope, there is a thing called idealism.

I am a promoter of Slow Movement. And the Less But Better philosophy. 

When I first wrote my understanding about how EMI works, I started with what is EMI. Which fell flat from the expectations of others. I wonder, why would you not start with what is EMI. But Never mind.

It might sound self righteous, I may be biased about my own ideas but all I know are my ideas which are derived from my life’s journey. And my life’s journey has been good. Literally, no regrets. There is a lot I don’t know and I don’t have but wait, there is a lot I know and there is a lot I have. I am thankful everyday, actually little more everyday.

While Hunting for the best questions to ask, The Direction is usually as desired. It can be deep, focused, just enough to get things done, fast, slow, false, true.. But there has to be movement, with minimum friction so that the vehicle ends up with most efficient journey of its life. How would you define a fun life that you’d dream off, try to live by the dream, teach about it or just explore the depth.
I agree with the framework of defining success: Its a function of moving things from 1/2/3 to 4

  1. Things I really don’t want to do but am forced to.
  2. Things I can do but don’t enjoy and I’m forced to.
  3. Things I can’t do and do enjoy and don’t have the opportunity to
  4. Things I can do and do enjoy

I’ll have to list out the things first to be able to move from each quadrant to other.

Then If I put the things in the framework to create a graph.

Just came across a book, #StrengthFinder but even the title is interesting. Since there are many assessments on similar lines, this is going to be fun. Little scared to go into the deep rabbit hole that might give something unexpected and take me on a route I don’t need right now. I’ll need to be careful.

Let me have a deadline, This weekend.

Basically, I should have a list & I don’t have it yet.

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