Life is good, conditions applied, have some fun.

It’s a good day but it’s going to be a long one and I want it to be long one.

I want to git commit. In other words take notes, save the current state of universe so that I can come back to it whenever I feel like reminding myself  that I’ve been strong enough to reach here. I knew enough to reach here. 

I have on hard on myself too much blaming myself for a lot of everything not even realizing the small wins over last decade and even The Decade before that.

Love for fun Life is not supposed to be only made of sweet memories. There will always be hurdles, problems,  mis-judgments,  knowledge gaps and a lot of that you won’t ever understand.

The long-term goal is to have a fun life that there are no regrets.  The (philosophical)  conversation with a stranger has opened a new door of possibilities. All I  was looking for was THERE. Felt like TALKING to myself. 

A New Perspective of  looking at things is required.  Every puzzle can be solved given enough curiosity.  Just hang in there.  Fun is in solving the puzzles. 

Communication can be a rocket science remotely.  Of course it a 2 way thing.  Of course one cant  focus on everything but underlying principles can really do The needful.

There are no stupid questions. this was difficult to believe in.  I want to tell myself that  There are no stupid questions.  Questions are important to get things done. Rather then being stupid forever. 

Now that the difference between professional and personal is diminishing, the underlying principles will do the magic. 

Recently came across this website  And now I am probably going to be a lifetime user of this  magical tool.  Of course it can be a 100 times  improved but this is great over all other  tools out there.

That’s just hundreds of the software’s I have analyzed and learned from. Every tool out there is worth a shot. Possibilities are Unlimited. Only essence is time. 

Note, It’s important to keep leveling up, keep changing perspective, keep solving problems,  because there will always be problems.

I guess better method would be to not look at it from the problems perspective.  But I think that will take time.  I think I’ll need to learn a lot to be able to level up from the current state but be a little bit less hard on myself. 

I’ve been wondering how to start the day with A New Perspective. Until I’m wondering I’m on the right path. These reminder  seem to be working.

And it’s not about product management. It’s a lot more than that.  The head needs to consume A lot of theories. 

Because the journey has to last.

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