Please ask the right questions:

Please ask the right questions, My responses are limited. As if, the mechanical robot from iRobit is supposed to answer. But..

Probably Right Questions Can turn the conversations into a journey..

It has to be about journey, not about questions, people, emotions, things OR beliefs.

Probably, is the key because nobody knows the truth, because everyone own a part of it i.e. perspective. Because, everyone defines their own. Because, nobody knows everything.

What is that 2nd thing that you need for the the journey, other than journey itself? 


I will not get into the details of definitions of #FUN, Because that’s not the debate. But the given term gives each of you at least a picture of things that you like to remember.

Lets Paint That Picture. First in mind, then on paper and then on digital canvas of the world that’s worth having fun.

Ofcourse, There will be theories, actions, mistakes, loses, loose ends, learnings and fun. Lets be little more vulnerable to be able to learn what is required to play the harder level of game we are a part of where, sometimes we are the players and sometimes we are played.

Ask some questions, answer some questions and probably have some empathy.

That will be product management in first principles. #Probably.

I never said, I am an expert.

I am here to share my journey with you on authentic grounds. That’s all.

Just one of my questions recently.

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