Author: Hov8a

Inception of day one.. 2013

I know, its just a psychological factor only, when people celebrate a new year.. and not a new day, week and actually never a month. But this is it. I’ve seen, those in day jobs, celebrate the weekends.. That reminds me of a statement that “Working with idiots may kill you..” .. whatever.. Those secret […]

We do have a choice.. & we are still making the same mistake..

Reading the post HERE, gives a general overview of the situation, the bitter truth of society And the post HERE tells you, WHY INDIA RAPES. But as per me the biggest problem is we are still considering the same so called leaders to again lead some better way, which is the biggest mistake.. we have […]

Why I/Entrepreneur’s can’t avoid politics..

Well, despite having an urge for a future in entrepreneurship, I can’t avoid politics due to hundreds of reasons, simplest and basic thing be why I can’t avoid thinking about being an Entrepreneur, just that I am fed up of the bullshit around. Gotta get something real, true, meaningful, result oriented work that in the […]