You Exist As A Part Of Me

You exist as a part of me and you exist as a part of everything I have today. You are not gone as they say, That transcendence won’t happen. You taught me what I know, you made me who I am. You exist in all the parallel universes. You are the source of energy in […]

Starting where I am

Using what I haveDoing what I can Failing a lot these days.. but I guess, that’s what learning something new feels like. Its usually tougher in the beginning. I know that so focusing on smaller bits of learnings. Though the runway needs to extend to make it possible but I trust the process. I know […]

Lets make this 2020 about money

Money.. An integral part of everybody’s life. And I accept that I don’t understand it. I want to make this 2020 about money. Need to understand and value of it more. Need to Value Time by Money. The things that need to do as per me are : Change Attitude towards money. Understand the basic […]

I recently completed (10)(20(30) yrs in..

The way you (I) lived last 10 years of your (my) life is most probably the way you are (I am) going to live next 10 years of your (my) life. The basis of these thoughts is.. PEOPLE DON’T CHANGE. Okay, lets go deeper, I completed 20yrs.. Since the beginning of the time I probably […]

Kuch phone per ki gayi batein..!!

In continuation with Part 1: Kuch phone per ki gayi batein jo adhuri reh gayi thi.. Jab hum sunte the aur samajhte the ki samajh gaye. Tum hamare aur Hum tumhare kahani ke kirdar ban gaye Kahani jo likhi bhi jani hai abhi.. Ek kalam do hathon se. Ke mil jaye is tarah do lehre […]


How can you be happy when you don’t have what you actually NEED right now ? By embracing & believing the fact that you are in a process of getting there & its just a phase. That’s how its supposed to be. This includes preparing & being ready for the thing to be able to […]

Her baat phone per nahin kahi jati..!!

Bahot si batein kerni hain jaan meri rooh ko teri rooh seHer baat phone pe nahin kahi jati Kuch batein bus aankhon se chehra padh ke.. Kuch dil tod ke kuch badan jod ke kuch aakhein oadh ke aur kuch sirf hath pakad ke ki jati hain Kaise kehdoon tere badan ki khushboo, tere dil […]

An Ideal Jobs Platform..!!

Disclaimer: These are random but logical ideas (ofcourse logical as per me, my knowledge, limits of possibilities as per me), no research has been carried out for writing the same. If you find an error, please let me know. For A Candidate: A search engine of jobs. For A Hiring Manager: A search engine of […]