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Defining Myself/Yourself by asking the right questions..!!

This is the 2nd installment of series “Who Am I ?” What was the last skill you learnt.. ?? (But only that skill you’d ALWAYS BE happy about..!!) What’s that You’re planning to learn next. When? What are you forcing yourself to do these days ? Hope, nothing. Hope, you don’t believe, without learning you’ll […]

What kind of startup India doing & needs..!!

Published from drafts The Country is still not prepared for technology startups, as the ground reality is far from the one being projected. The billionaires see the billionaires around, the poor and the middle class see all of them. There is too much focus on apps, revenues and lot other useless things. To take the […]

Startup lessons from the life of Mahtma Gandhi, Gandhigiri

Startup lessons from the life of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi Why now, because I am doing startups now, because last year at this time, I was not exactly doing a startup, Because startup doers always learn from everything around, Because His life has got a lot to teach us, and Because his birthday this month reminded […]