What Can We Do For A Simplified Life ?

Draft: Jan 24′ 2019 I would like to Invent a Phone, In which there will be #maximum 10 apps. Life Simplified. I am sure, there will be such a phone in near future. Because tech has to be an enabler of life, not sucker of life. Update: Feb’11 2019 Earlier Humans had OR they thought, […]

Solving the problem of scalability of products (Twitter, Theoretically)

What do people do with the product, matters more on the people than the makers of the product. But technically what all Product / Service makers give the to every enduser is always same.. In terms of: Design Features Platform usage rules May be a few things more.. If you get some ideas, please let […]

What Do You Understand By Frequency of Life ?

In Addition to the basic thought of frequency of lifestyle.. given below which I wrote 56 days ago, published almost at the same time of starting this one, I am trying to extend the same in this write up: There is a lot in commonality in following: Life Focus Music Success Punctuality Let me describe […]

Whats the reason behind this #MeToo Chaos?

Disclaimer : I am not an expert on anything. I’ve not worked in the industry long & even for the time I worked, I don’t really understand people much. Recently, I started analyzing things around me & am just trying to put forward my thoughts. Let me try to ask some basic questions first: How […]

Are You Happy ? Here’s a formula to find out..

A Simple Questionnaire to find out if you are happy. Don’t ask me, why do you need to find out, if are are happy OR not. You read the title and went ahead. Yeah, sorry I couldn’t find a better title for this write up. Lets plot the numbers in the answers to following questions […]

I have two controllers in my two hands.

I have two controllers in my two hands. Both have to be kept in hands separately and any of them cant be left to let go off. Things being : 1. My Life & 2. Speed of my life. Now am little confused because 1. Both run at different speeds. & 2. I cant control […]

Video Message Collection, #StartupIdea as a #ProductManagementProblem 68

People share gifs in conversations because they convey messages. Though I dont know, who creates them but if the gif messages help to convey a message.. Would a video message (with similar size (less than 1000kb) i.e. easy to load and share in conversations).. Be more helpful in conveying a message more beautifully. Now, the […]

Imagination Skills Test

Can you Literally Imagine Everyone Singing Their Own Song in a crowded place.. & You.. starting to trying to sing. Now are you singing one of your own song ? OR Are you are singing one of theirs’ ? That must be a tough level of imagination & might require ultimate level of focus. Because, […]

Here is My Teachers List in reverse chronological order:

How many People Aka Humans aka Teachers you remember who taught you something / anything ? Here is my list in reverse chronological order: Life. Arpit Aggarwal (currently BlumeVentures), Sunil Khushwaha(I don’t really know what he does), Yogesh (currently Saavyrelations) for everyday mentoring. Mrs Pooja, B.E. 2006 Taught me the basics of logics of c programming. […]

Your perspective is not the only possibility of the world out there.

Your perspective is not the only possibility of the world out there. This happened in 2016. The HR in my then organization of approx 200 people believed that I was a chain smoker. I used to bring candies everytime I went out and share with the team. The HR actually believed that, I brought candies […]