Moving out of traffic.

This article is about what to do what not to do in traffic, specially when there are no lanes. Technically I am NOT writting anything new, nothing fancy, nothing out of the box but just trying to spread simple common sense around the topic “Moving out of the traffic”. Here are the scenarios, what happens […]

Problem, Just A state of Mind

I don’t know about Rahul’s thought about poverty, but “A PROBLEM” is definitely a state of mind. A few of the thoughts that I’ve analyzed. Reading a few articles on criminal psychology, life just seams like impossible. Hundreds of thousands of types of crimes and criminal minds. Each moment there is a lot of shit […]

Now I literally hate so called celebs.. after #satyagrah

Though, I’ve been watching flicks since childhood where a policeman, a common man, a reporter, who tried to teach the whole generation and drive the nation to change the system. And all with so called celebs Amitabh, Shahrukh, Salman, Aamir AnilKapoor but in the end it was for cash.. right ? After Satyagrah, I heard, […]

To Salute Entrepreneurs and specially Swype

Am writing this post specially to salute this app Swype from, am amazed to see what it can do like literally I don’t need to type anything on my phone, the fact is am writing this post just by using this awesome app.. just swiping around My level of excitement is such that I […]

#Startup Opportunity in “3 Idiots” style

Main duniya ghoomte ghoomte muskura raha tha, Fir kisi ek mahaan insaan se mulaqat hui.. Him: Tum muskura kyon rahe ho.. Me: Bachpan se sochta tha kuch naya karenge, kuch alag karenge.. Aaj startup ker rahe hain sir, bahot maza aa raha hai sir.. Him: Zyada maza lene ki zaroorat nahin hai.. bolo, #Opportunity ka […]

Whats Right/Truth.. Nobody knows..

A Patent secures the right but also raises the prices of product. So, its seems like a thing of morals to whether one should go for patents or not. But other way round.. if somebody else patents others products.. the thing of that sacrifice goes doomed.. Does that simply end like everything does.. DO WHAT […]

Feels good, when someone praise your product before launch, #reversepitch

There was an event called reversepitch on 22nd march and I joined looking for some networking opportunity around.. And there almost everyone already knew about @thewittyshit I was like, whoa man, we are already celebs.. & Mr Sanjay was like: why did you guys even close, it has a great potential.. n I said, yeah […]

Damn I fail everyday..

See, again writing after a month.. scary though.. But now as the product launch is close, I can brag about the workout.. Though from some hard decisions we seem like moving towards a good team.. but the point is writing, I know I should be writing more often, I know it helps.. I fail very […]

You get it right, its TWS 2.0

We’ve been working on it since last 3 months and now here we are.. The Brand TWS ( is overhauled, renovated and ready to come back for the community.Yeah, we have been working upon it secretly. So, year 2013’s surprise is now revealed.The awesome tech guys Kiran, Swapnil & Kailas from and me 😀 […]