You exist as a part of me and you exist as a part of everything I have today. You are not gone as they say, That transcendence won’t happen. You taught me what I know, you made me who I am. You exist in all the parallel universes. You are the source of energy in all my awareness and subconscious. So even knowing, I don’t know a lot, I would tread like there will be no guilt left behind but a lot of fun memories.

You chose not to try any more..!! And closed the book when you deem fit. I missed to read a few chapters..!! The Part I read was fun. And that’s all that matterz. <>

To the extent I know you, and if you get a chance to live your life again, I am sure You’d live most of it the same way you did when you got a chance for that. I would always believe, there was much more for me to know you well. I will always miss connecting with you more often.

I am grateful for the belief you put in me when I was growing up, when I didn’t know how the real world functions, you allowed me to put my step forward and make mistakes. You structured me into a mistake making machine by supporting all my initiatives and mid-way changing the course of action because I felt something was wrong.

Am sure you know that all but what I am missing is that I couldn’t say it enough to you.

I am sure, you’ll look after me from the eternity forever because the story is just getting started..