What they say about me..!!

Hey, I Am Hari Om Vashishtha

I can help you plan your mobile analytics implementation, execute & analyze the data for growth. Along with carefully designing your targeted notification messaging for impact.

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About me?

I experiment as a hobby. I to define goals, figure out the process to meet the goal and inspire the team to take action to meet the goal. Let’s Chat on WhatsApp

Here’s my analysis of 100s of apps Onboarding

Areas of interest: Onboarding

Right onboarding leads to better retention, right?


are conversations with your audience. You don’t want to annoy them.

My Entrepreneurial Journey

3.5yrs, 3 startups, lots of mistakes & adventures

I love data analysis.

It tells you stories beyond what you can see with plain eyes.


Worked with 2 product startups where CleverTap was involved heavily.

My Product Career

4yrs, 3 startups, focus on the basics, lots of fun

Growth Catalyst – Knowledge Base