Why I/Entrepreneur’s can’t avoid politics..

Well, despite having an urge for a future in entrepreneurship, I can’t avoid politics due to hundreds of reasons, simplest and basic thing be why I can’t avoid thinking about being an Entrepreneur, just that I am fed up of the bullshit around. Gotta get something real, true, meaningful, result oriented work that in the end satisfies inner self at the end of the day.

Politics and government as far as meaning and requirement is concerned, should be just limited to the work that leads to the progress and if the work has to be DONE, CAN BE done. Just that SIMPLE.

And what meaning we know by now is really shitty having nothing for progress, nothing for people, nothing for the guy who really needs help.

Do the LAW really exist, Do a court really work
Who is in a court.. A few judges and a few lawyers..(yeah, the number is high enough)High court, Supreme court, oh.. the president, the PMThe Deputy Commissioners.. everyone who can ACT, not the CM’s
Don’t they know, where a problem exists Why they don’t know, even they are part of it
Don’t they know, How to solve it Even If law is the last the last option, they have it
Is a politician anywhere higher then LAW ITS A WRONG QUESTION
Why won’t they try to Well, A lot of reasonsNeeds Balls to get it started..They don’t want to..Etc etc..
Broad Conclusion : They Don’t do the Possible

Law can be enforced to make things happen, but they won’t even let it happen.

Besides all, a common clean man can’t ever think about joining politics, be it to clean it or other thousand reasons that exist, without getting his hands dirty , yeah that has become the law.

Even my younger brother has got a view that everything is possible, no law can resist yow , you just need cash and this view is generated by the things around, situations he has been into, what else is required to prove the common man’s view.

May be I am plagiarizing some points, am sorry..

As Entrepreneur’s view So called politicians view
A task that needs to be done, can be done ,logically only a little checklist is required to get it done A Task Either should never be completed OR should spend a lot of time, wealth, never be done perfectly etc etc

They need things for free and still need a lot of cash.

I can’t miss to point out Miss Pratibha Patil’s quick action when she took over 340 rooms some time back and first thing she did was “Raise her own salary to 3X“, AND THE REST WHOLE TENURE WHEN BLANK wow..

I can’t complete this post, this won’t complete ever..

I have a lot of views relating politics/current situation for those so called great people on earth like Mr Amitabh Bachchan and Sachin Tendulkar which seam like one, will write another post for them..

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