Trying to write something without revealing thoughts..

This time I am just trying to write something, I don’t have one thing in mind, I am all over.

This time, its not joy the of winning, nor the pain of loosing, not even something about somebody special, nor in the waves of life’s tides and lows, this is something else which is complex enough, I am not trying to complexify the scene. I am trying to simply everything by finding the common thing out of everything but yeah its tough. I can’t name it, so am calling it SOMETHING for now..

Everything has a target, so things keep moving and evolving but if there is nothing to loose, its a war fought best..

But sometimes people forget the aim and live with something known as excuses..

Then there exist Science, Mathematics, Cosmology, Politics, Business, Nature, Humanity, Crime, Psychology, Feelings, God and there by future.. these are keywords.. and not just keywords..

Everything is right in one frame of reference, same things are wrong in some other frame. Even a thought accepted by majority can be bad idea. Leaders sometimes lead for reason X, others do the same thing for Reason Y..

Mentality is something that leads Humanity, but at the same time, there exist problems everywhere.. most of which have been solved million times.. Life is amazing but conditions applied and at the same place.. its miserable too..

Probability helps a lot but flip a coin and you may loose..

Nothing is 100% but we are still alive.. though a lot of us die everyday and still some celebs in there respective fields do not take responsibilities to lead a better way..

Regret that I wanted to do something but due to Reasonn X, just couldn’t do. Though every moment of life doesn’t have got to be logical, but a reason may be good to go..

What matters is what you know but not that what you don’t know, doesn’t matter

Could you understand anything, I don’t think so..

What I mean to say, is nothing else mattersz..

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