You get it right, its TWS 2.0

We’ve been working on it since last 3 months and now here we are..

The Brand TWS ( is overhauled, renovated and ready to come back for the community.Yeah, we have been working upon it secretly. So, year 2013’s surprise is now revealed.The awesome tech guys Kiran, Swapnil & Kailas from and me 😀

Btw User Quotations really need a such a platform, after all its user’s own content and they should be rewarded for good ones. Today we activated the facebook fanpage activities which was closed for more then 9 months. and users suddenly started responding, Whoaaa That was the part which multiplied the team’s energy like a spark.

Though, we will take some time to launch the actual product, we will be revealing secrets one by one.

The vision for the product is little different from its founders, after all, we have got to make it larger then life. Scale it to Multi Million User Community.. We solve the need and we grow. We are not exactly solving first world problems, but solving the same problem in little different way. Yes we do.. yes we can.

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