Now I literally hate so called celebs.. after #satyagrah

Though, I’ve been watching flicks since childhood where a policeman, a common man, a reporter, who tried to teach the whole generation and drive the nation to change the system. And all with so called celebs Amitabh, Shahrukh, Salman, Aamir AnilKapoor but in the end it was for cash.. right ?

After Satyagrah, I heard, they do it to inspire the youth, (I haven’t watched it yet, nor am going to)

BC.. where the hell were they when this youth was on the ground,

Yes, I only remember the last movement with anna, none before that but I was there, though for only one day.. but I was there. The flick is a flick, right.. for them a 5* hotel bill paying scheme and for those who pay them an entertainment part.

Or Do I hate those who make big bank balances from such things, then may be I do, because those who have it when someone else needs it is just another side of the same coin which comes out in stories like these. literraly you don’t need two kidneys when there may be someone else dying to need it or you don’t need to die with those 2 eyes and burn them when there is someone who could watch atleast his loved ones around him.

I admit that acting is a tough job, a movie is a big project that has to be executed with perfection to make it perfect but call it pure business then.

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