Can you Literally Imagine Everyone Singing Their Own Song in a crowded place.. 
& You.. starting to trying to sing.

Now are you singing one of your own song ?
OR Are you are singing one of theirs' ?

That must be a tough level of imagination & might require ultimate level of focus. Because, when you are actually listening to everyone singing their own song seems like a tough job in itself.. Now replace Everyone singing with everyone just doing their own thing.

Most Probably, its JUST CHAOS. Now, to sort out chaos, we’ll have to sync our frequencies with some of them out there. OR Find the ones who has frequencies matching to our frequencies. This frequency matching might take time, so patience is important else the chaos is only a headache.

Lets get back to example of Singing.

Its easy to sync with people who are singing at your frequency. But its not necessary that there are people of your frequency around you.

For real world, everyone around you is not in sync with requirements, ideas & your life. I’ll leave the write up right here for you to think further.

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