Disclaimer : I am not an expert on anything. I’ve not worked in the industry long & even for the time I worked, I don’t really understand people much.

Recently, I started analyzing things around me & am just trying to put forward my thoughts. Let me try to ask some basic questions first:

  1. How many people (both male/female) do you see that ALWAYS TALKĀ  without abusive words?
  2. In general conversations, Are abuses even considered as abuses OR just as HELPING VERBS.
  3. How many people have you seen.. even objecting to that abusive words?

If the answers to above questions doesn’t give you goose bumps, let me give you another perspective to think deeper.

Because those minds while talking dirty behind someone’s back also have the same dirty mind when they are with those humans against whom they talk dirty. (Now, that’s my deduction, please challenge that if you think, am wrong).

WHY did I only ask questions about abuses? What does it even mean? Well, that’s a NEW Normal of the Modern society, OR I should say “Indo-Anglians” as put forward Sir Sajith Pai. Again why does this even matter?

Let me put another theory (which I learnt from a friend) to be considered in this NEW ACCEPTABLE NORMAL of the Society, & the deeper realization of following points is supposed to be scary:

  1. Everyone around us is NOT equally intellectual.
  2. NOT at same aptitude level.
  3. NOT have same Values for living a life.

So please discard the thoughts that say, modern people are now starting to understand “What is Consent”. In a population at the scale of what we have, there are more of fools (as rightly put by Judge Mr Katju) then the minds that do care about thoughtful values & living of self & everyone else around.

On similar lines, A question I sometimes ask the ladies: Do you carry OR let alone feel the need to carry self defense weapons? The answer is usually no.

Now, coming back to the point. Expecting that everyone around us understands & will understand basics of consent is a MISTAKE. In this Justified Chaos of the society, there is a lot that we just ignore just to Feel Okay. Because if we actually even list down the known problems around us: its hell. Let alone thinking about the unknown ones & ones arising due to scale of population.

I am a firm believer of the fact that I don’t know anything. Let alone, understanding the things I know. Although, I usually boost of being the happiest person I know in my connections, I try to inspire people around me to live a happy life but at the same time, we do ignore a lot of things around.

May be I couldn’t even describe the reason I was trying to write about in the first place in simple words but ofcourse, its not that simple of a thing that a noob can pen down just by trying the first time. You can consider this as an incomplete writeup that I can’t comprehend.

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