What do people do with the product, matters more on the people than the makers of the product.

But technically what all Product / Service makers give the to every enduser is always same.. In terms of:

If you get some ideas, please let me know, in comments.

I am saying this all, knowing the fact that they do try to personalize the user experience for the users by applying some so called tricks using the usage data of the user but that’s not enough.

And since we know, Twitter has serious problem of expanding to a user that doesn’t get its concept.. Have the decision makers at Twitter Team given up on them. This would be a sad sad thought if they have really given up OR if they are working on it.. well, I can be totally wrong.

Now, lets focus on Twitter’s current user experience.

  1. Timeline.
  2. Latest updates from celebrities & friends & random humans
  3. Only Short & crisp updates.
  4. Most importantly, the platform is called TWITTER.

Now the idea is to have it all same but with a few other things, for example:

  1. The design of the platform could be little different.
  2. OR design could be hugely different too.
  3. Features like
    • Edit Tweet.
    • Write an article and convert it to tweet thread.
    • Etc etc.

And Don’t Know. They can have their own exhaustive list of things they can do to attract the users that are not currently on their platform. May be they are doing their own tricks but I am not sure.

But The Core Idea is Simple.

Have Another Version Of your Own Product / Service / Business for a different kind of users..

Just an experiment.

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