Draft: Jan 24′ 2019

I would like to Invent a Phone, In which there will be #maximum 10 apps.

Life Simplified. I am sure, there will be such a phone in near future. Because tech has to be an enabler of life, not sucker of life.

Update: Feb’11 2019

Earlier Humans had OR they thought, they had 3 basic needs: Food, Cloth & Shelter (Roti Kapda aur makaan)

Today we have very different kind of necessities.. !!
Food, Clothing, Shelter.. AND

Draft: 25April, 2019

Most apps i.e. application i.e. tools i.e. enablers in our phone needs a notification customization so we can restrict the notification timing as per our life style & schedules & interest.

Very specifically for Professional tools / platforms / tools like linkedin but specially gmail, Zoho. So that I can keep my professional & personal life separate. We deserve that, right ?

PS: Zoho isn’t even able to send me basic notifications on my vivo which has a Custom Android.

With current tools available, there is a jugad/hack that we can do to make it work. All you need is a Notifications Manager that restricts the notifications based upon the time of the day but doesn’t seem like any existing apps fit the bill.

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