A PMs Cover Letter in the form of User Stories..


  • As a (who wants to accomplish something)
  • I want to (what they want to accomplish)
  • So that (why they want to accomplish that thing)

AS A curious happy entrepreneurial philosophical idealistic vulnerable digital age beginner who has worked with 2 product startups (Zipgrid & LattuKids) of very small teams (5-8 developers) as the Product Manager where there was visible impact in sprint planning, wireframing, team & task management, PRD writing, collaboration & data analysis.

I wish to create a digital age deeply connected real life problem solving reliable intelligent b2c software with authentic people that probably changes the way people do what they do, makes them a better confident person that either saves time or saves money or gets some peace of mind.

So that I can fulfil my dreams of living a journey worth living a million times while taking care of my family and friends and grow old.

I would like to ask a lot of questions so that I can be exactly sure of the exact problem I am supposed to be attacking.

I would like to have some time to be mentored so that I can build myself up for the challenges to come.

I would like to create a culture of being open enough where is aiming at thriving at each area of their life.

I would like to make some friends for life.

I would like to dream the beyond general limits and make it happen.

I would like to not care about the minute finances.

I would like to play games with my team members to be able to learn more about them.

I’ve been recently analysing my journey and most of it has been fun. I have been able to connect lots of dot, in there.

I may have Survivorship Bias as described by Sir Anshumani Ruddra but I am trying my best to understand as many mental models as many I can to be able to make the most impact in minimum time. Because, ofcourse, everyone has 24 hours.

But I am sure, taking care of One thing at a time, I will be able to make an impact, provided I get required mentorship.

This is just the MVP, I am still iterating while finding the product market fit.

Although, If I have to do it all again, may be I’d do it as another variant of myself. 🤪

As a Product Manager, who is looking out for an opportunity, I would like to be contacted by startups including but not limited to those with a minimum runway of 3 yrs OR organizations with processes in place so that I can learn while making an impact at scale.

You may have lots of questions, If you are the curious one.

Yes, I am currently looking for an opportunity to attack on, immediately. You can contact me from linkedin.

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